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Answering Vendor Calls - FAQ's -Version 1.1

How many years of Total Experience you have ?
As per the resume – update if it is 6 plus or 7 plus years
How  many years of US Experience you have ?
Go As Per US Experience Mention in the resume
How many years of NON US Experience you have ?
Check Resume –if any Non US Work experience mention ,if So  sum up how many year and inform Sum to the vendor
How many years of related work experience you have ?
Check Resume – Sum Up total IT Experience and inform Vendor Sum up years
Can you provide your Skype ID ,SSN ?
YES ,I can provide since I’ m at client place and don’t have access to my personal emails so request you to collect those details from my employer – Share Recruiter’s Contact details
Who is your current client and what is your current project duration ?
 Review latest project details mention in the  resume – inform Vendor same thing
Are willing to relocate  ?
YES , I’m Willing to relocate – informed what you discussed with Hiring Manager
Can you provide two reference to current project
YES ,I can provide you with References ,Since I m at client Place and I don’t have access to my personal emails , I can forward to you only during lunch break or after work hours –else you can collect those reference details from my requested information employer as I have shared all such details with my employer and employer is best person to give you all
When is  your rollout from your current project
Response A
Another 4-6 weeks from today – we almost completed the project doing some patch work pending ,will complete within 2-4 weeks  OR
Response B
it is a maintenance  service project so going may be last for another one year but I can rollout within 2-3 weeks of Notice Period , since there is nothing much to learn on maintenance project hence looking for new Projects
What is your current visa status ?
OPT’s – As suggested by Sales Manager  - For GC /Citizens can disclose your Visa Status
When did you arrived into US ?
Go as per Resume –  Year of entry into USA Should correlate with the year of first US Project mention in your resume  -for Example – your first project in US Is 2008 then you should say that you arrived in 2007 or earlier – you cant say that you arrive in 2009 – logically it is false
How long you been working on current project
Go as per the later project duration mention in your resume
Do you have DL ?
YES I have Driver License - --if you don’t have DL then say NO – no need to disclose False Information
Are willing to work on contract to hire or Full time positions ?
I m looking only for Contract Positions , I want to stick with my employer –for some more years
What salary/rate you are expecting ?
Please discuss such things with my employer –DS Inc only
Your availability to take new opportunity / your Notice Period at Current Client Place ?
 2 Weeks’ notice
Are you comfortable to come for FACE to FACE interviews ?
Mostly No – if it is local requirement then may be consider , my Current Schedule doesn’t allows me for Face to Face Interview –
What is your current location ?
Go as per Resume – Latest project Location mention in the resume
Your best time for technical interview ?
Anytime but informed at least one day ahead of the schedule
When did you completed your Master Degree ? which university ,year ?

If You completed your Education before 2006 then  disclose actual year of Graduation else your Graduation year should not be after first project year – For example –  your actual Graduation year –  Dec 2013 --- But as per your resume ,your first project duration – May 2008 – June 2010 – then it is logical to say that your graduation year -2007 –instead of disclosing actual year of Graduation I,e Dec 2013
When did you completed your Bachelor Degree ?
There should be 2-3 years gap between your master Graduation year and Bachelors Graduation Year – for more information please review Question No 20
What is major , which university which year ?

You can disclose actual Major in your Bachelors and Masters , Actual University name , be cautious year – it should match with your first project
What is your qualification ?
Disclose actual qualification you earned
What is your current team size ?
Anything  between 7-14 team members

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Paul

Answering Vendor Calls - Inputs on Vendor Calls - Purpose of Vendor Calls

Request you to review your final resume , prepare notes handy on following
1)       No of projects in your resume , Project Duration , Client name and location
2)      Inform all vendors that Dexter Systems Inc is your employer and share the contact number of your sales Recruiter
3)      Few vendors intentionally ask you about how much salary  you want or what rate you looking for , simply answer to such vendors that “please discuss such things with my Employer “  such vendors want to check your commitment level with Dexter Systems Inc
4)       Surrounding places  at client locations like Zip code ,Area Code , Airport details and other things ,  
5)       Request you to remove or set your Public Profile in (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or other social or technical blogs , Monster , Dice or other Job Boards) to invisible mode until you get project confirmation – don’t disclose your graduation date over the web

Request you to fill the data from your updated resume into following tabular format --- For Example

Client Name
Client Location
Job Title on Project
Project Name
Project Tenure Duration
ABC Bank
Washington DC
JAVA Developer
15 month
Recurring online
June 2013-till date
Bellevue, WA
JAVA Developer
12 Months

March 2012-May 2013



Please find below inputs on vendor calls
Purpose of Vendors Calls : Vendors are recruiters –don’t have strong technical skills , their  call purpose is to make sure that :
1) you understood the requirement –  will discuss the requirement in detail
2) Interested level- to evaluate your interest level and how confident you are with the requirement
3) Communication Skills :  

If vendor ask you any difficult question or if you don’t  know what to answer then simply tell them that you are at work ,please contact my employer ,i don’t have access to my personal emails so I cannot forward reference details and immediately contact me or Santosh, we will share or suggest how to response to such difficult or challenging questions ,

Trust me first five vendor calls would be very challenging and uncomfortable to you but after that every successive vendor call would be easy , because each successive vendor will ask you questions which previous vendor asked you ,

Things to do after Each Vendor Call :

Document each and every vendor call ,do little bit homework/research on new technical questions/concepts asked by the vendor on call, it helps you to learn new things :
Taking each vendor call is a great learning experience

Use rating scale , - rate yourself between 7 to 9 on scale of 10 on particular skills and overall rating should be between 8 to 9 on scale of 10
Note : Vendors calls are not technical interview calls so don’t get panic, first 1-5 vendor calls will really make uncomfortable , but there after you will learn how to take vendor calls and what to discuss during vendor calls

Wishing you all the best !!

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Paul
Senior Hiring Manager –JAVA & .NET
Dexter Systems Inc
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